Roof Painting

Roof painting services are cheaper than replacing a roof altogether, and last a long time. Tile roofs are incredibly susceptible to color deterioration, especially here in the intense Florida sunshine and humidity.

Over time, the color on your tile roof can develop a splotchy appearance as the color fades, and the bare grayish concrete color starts to peek through. These exposed concrete areas are breeding grounds for mold and algae growth, which encourages greenish-black mildew stains.

Although this color degradation does not affect the structural integrity of the tile, it severely devastates the aesthetic beauty of your roof altogether.

If your roof suffers from color deterioration, in most cases, concrete tile roofs can be re-coated and painted to return your roof to its original beauty. We perform a gentle, high-pressure cleaning to eliminate debris and roof surface anomalies and once it is 100% dry, we’ll repaint your roof with long lasting, high quality paint.

Many metal and flat roofs can be completely renovated with a roof coating. Flat roofs are slower in shedding water and even the slightest problem in the seal can lead to leaks. Metal roofing eventually begins to chip, oxidize, corrode and develop small leaks.

The cost-effective and foolproof answer to both problems is a roof coating applied by a qualified professional. Altough more expensive, at Paint Inc we have the expertise to apply industrial coatings to metal roofs.

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