Exterior Painting

In Florida, the high temperatures and strong UV rays make your home’s exterior fade, chip, and peel, requiring frequent repainting. However, thanks to our thorough evaluation and use of high quality paint, your house will last and look better for longer.

The quality of the prep work can really make-or-break an exterior painting project. We take extra steps to make sure the prep work is done perfectly. This includes scraping, repairing, masking, caulking, pulling away landscaping from the home, taping off or covering exterior areas, pressure washing and sealing.

Prep work is the first step in a successful paint job.

If you plan on completely changing the color of your home, the most crucial step is completed before we even pick up a paintbrush.

Selecting the right color from the color deck is a top priority but you can’t just trust a paint stripe. Colors can look completely different on your wall than they did in-store due to lighting, surrounding furniture, and other factors.

At Paint Inc, in a collaborative process, we will help with color consulting and applying large color samples on the wall until our clients are 100% sure they want to proceed.

Our painters are true professionals.

We take pride in the work that we do for our customers. From the gutters and soffit all the way down, our professionalism and attention-to-detail shows in the final outcome of each and every project.

Not only does the way your house looks affect how you feel about it, but it can also define curb appeal. Keep your home exterior looking fresh with the help of our experts.

You will have a newfound pride in your home and it will also increase its selling power.

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